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Clans - why be part of one?

Becoming part of a clan opens up another dimension to the game. It gives you the chance to make friends and discuss Clash of Clans (or social) matters inside your own clan chat.

However, the more apparent and important reason in being part of a clan is to either donate or receive troops into the Clan Castle. Troops inside your Clan Castle can be used for both defence and offence.

A good clan will consist of both active/talkative members and members that donate good quality troops.

Unfortunately, there is some monopolisation of clans at the moment in clash of clans, these include Bonbee Canada, North 44, The Borg, Winterfell, The Awakening, After Dark, The Order and more. But that only drives other clans on to knock them off their lofty perch.

Clans I have been affiliated with at some stage or another

The following clans are clans that I have been part of since the start of my gameplay. They are listed in date order from the earliest at the bottom to the latest/current at the top. Click on shield to progress.

Quantum Elite Society Canadian Rage Highlanders

Clash of Clans- Clan:


sub clans: Quantum ][ & Quantum ]l[

Clash of Clans- Clan:

Elite Society  

sub clans: Select Society

Clash of Clans- Clan:

Canadian Rage

sub clans: Canadian Rage!, United We Rage, United2Rage, Canadian Rage 2, Initial Rage, Initial Rage2

Clash of Clans- Clan:


sub clans: Highlanders 2 & Highlanders 3

Clash of Clans- Clan:

Quantum  Rage

sub clans: Quantum Rage ][, Quantum Alliance, QuantumRageFarm