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Clash of Clans - In Game Videos & Replays

Clan Manwingsrule

Videos are best viewed on the Youtube page. Click on title for direct link to Youtube videoAttacker - Cameron( Manwingsrule ) v Defender - some chinese cclan Golem Witch Wizards GoWiWi Attack Strategy ( Clash of Clans )Attacker - Sp1t88 ( Manwingsrule ) v Defender - Caterpillard6r ( exterminator ) Hog Rider Attack Strategy ( Clash of Clans )Special shout out to jam1970, cameron, Sp1t88, hxcbenjones & daisyemmyabby For inviting me, showing me their replays and generally being a bunch of nice lads.

If you have any any awesome attack replays or even epic fails that you can allow me to have and put up onto the site, please send me an email from this website and let me know your details.

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