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An important part of the game. Troops enable you to attack opponents as well as provide defence for your clan mates.

The humble barbarian is a cheap, effective and tough troop to have. He can take more damage than the much preferred archer. One of my favourite troops as they can be trained for peanuts and are brutally effective when attacking in large groups.


The much loved archer is the troop of choice for many. Relatively cheap to train, able to attack over walls (within range). The only downside to the archer is that it is unable to take a lot of damage. Splash damage defense units, the mortar and wizard tower, will quickly devastate an army of archers if not commanded well.


The goblin seeks out stores and raids them as quickly as possible. Used widespread in farming when attacking for resources is key. The goblin is cheap, fast and if used correctly, will quickly strip a base of all its resources in a matter of seconds. Downside is that it is pretty ineffective on the offense against defense units and troops and does not take a lot of damage.


The big friendly (looking) giant is a powerhouse of a troop. Able to withstand a lot of damage and is honed in on defense units. Giants will attack defense units before anything else. Relatively cheap to train, one of the downsides is that it is very slow. Usually taking several hits before he reaches his intended target.


As the name suggests, this kamikaze troop is trained for taking down walls. When used correctly and skillfully, direct paths to the core of your enemy base can be made for your troops to follow through and wreak havock. The wall breaker dies as soon as it makes the bomb drop at the wall.

Wall Breaker

The balloon is a flying unit that once hovered above the enemy, unleashes a powerful and devastating bomb. It is a relatively cheap troop and when used in hoards is very effective. The downsides are that they do not take a lot of damage and are also very very slow to move. Air defenses will happily take down balloons.


A firm favourite amongst the higher end players as the staple troop of choice. Preferred over archers as they deal more damage and can take more damage themselves. The downside is that they are much more expensive than archers and take a lot longer to train.


The healer, admittedly is not a favourite of mine. They are used for healing ground troops (and units in defense). When used properly, they are very useful especially when placed behind a group of rampaging giants.


A favourite of mine. This mightly flying troop dishes out a lot of damage to both air and ground units.  The have quite a few downsides though. They are relatively slow in movement, cost quite a lot to train and also take a while to train. But once you have the might dragon in your armada, you can expect good things from him. Just avoid air defenses.


Before the days of dark troops, the pekka was the most awesome troop. Taking in lots of damage as well as dishing out lots of it too. However, it was expensive to train, time consuming to train and a little slow in moving around. That said, the pekka is still the troop of choice for many a pro today.


The minion is the lowest of the dark elixir troops. It hovers around throwing (presumably dark elixir ) at its enemy. Great for scaling walls but unfortunately, air bombs and air defense will quickly annihilate the little minion.


The hog rider is one of my favourite troops. The hog rider has the ability to jump over walls and attack with its hammer. Relatively fast and able to take a lot of damage, they are one of the most amusing things to watch when attacking.

Hog Rider

This ground troop attacks by swinging a big axe. She can take a lot of damage as well as inflict a lot of damage. Admittedly, she is not one of my favourites but still very effective nonetheless.


The mighty golem has taken the mantlepiece from the pekka. This powerful and cumbersome troop takes an incredible amount of damage and itself deals out a lot of destruction too.When the life of the golem has been taken down, it splits into two mini golems, once these mini gomems die, they do not return. The downside to the golem is that it is extremely slow and very expensive to train. However, this is now the troop of choice for all the high end players.


The barbarian king is a troop that is used for both defense and offense. He cannot die, but after each use needs to rest. Think of him as a big barbarian. Very useful to have both attacking and defending so well worth the upgrade.

Barbarian King

Like the barbarian king, the archer queen is another troop that cannot die and is used for both defense and offense. More expensive to upgrade than the barbarian king, and takes less damage, but with her modified xbow, she is very versatile.

Archer Queen

The witch is a powerful being that calls and summons her dead troops to attack. Used wisely, the witch has the ability to send her troops beyond even the strongest walls. This alone should strike fear amongst the top “maxxed” players whom originally thought that their walls were strong enough to stop any troop.